“A woman who knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up.”

— Mae West

A complement to Cinder Without Her Fella, Carin Thomas’ workbook A Woman’s Financial Guide to Divorce is now available. The following links are Financial Tools that can be found in this valuable resource:

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What Love Feels like after Divorce


How to Hire the Right Lawyer: An Essential Step to Getting the Most out of your Divorce

Working with a knowledgeable lawyer that you trust is an absolute necessity for anyone going through a divorce! Many times we face a lot of internal resistance when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Some of the resistance may be associated with the fact that hiring a lawyer really makes the divorce a reality like read more…

How to Take Charge of your Budget After Your Divorce

As you are going through your divorce, something you are probably constantly pondering about is whether or not you will be able to support yourself and your kids after it’s all said and done. You are probably also wondering how all of these changes will affect your standard of living. Understanding your cash flow is read more…

How to Tell Your Kids You are Getting a Divorce

Every parent dreads having to tell their children that mom and dad are getting a divorce. This is a heart wrenching exercise for all the parties involved. No parent wants to hurt their kids and many fear that divorce will leave the kids with long lasting consequences. In fact, how many people put off getting read more…

Emotional Support- The Keys to Surviving a Divorce

Having adequate support is one of the keys to surviving a divorce. We are not only talking about professional support from lawyers and financial advisors but also emotional support from friends and relatives. It’s absolutely essential to have trusted people in your life who will support you through the duration of your emotional rollercoaster and read more…

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