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Cinder Without Her Fella

Are you going through a divorce?  Or know a woman who is?  This book was created just for you – our gift to women experiencing this major life transition.  Thoughtfully and amusingly told in a way that you can actually relate to: through the eyes of a modern day Cinderella.

Translating laws, understanding financial rules and managing emotional upheaval are all part of the process.  We really didn’t think you needed another big, thick, complicated book to read on top of everything else you’re dealing with.  So we wrote this book instead.  It’s a quick, but helpful read.  The advice is friendly, light-hearted, useful, empowering and straightforward.

Read how Cinder got through her divorce and still managed to live happily ever after.  Travel with her, her friends and her “Mary Modmother” as she writes her own post-divorce fairy tale.  Packed with practical tips and heartfelt advice, Cinder’s story illustrates how it IS possible to happily ever after…even after divorce.

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A Woman’s Financial Guide to Divorce

This financial divorce workbook for women walks you step-by-step through the processing of determining your financial standing. Because once you know where you’re at with your money, you can make smart decisions about how to live during and after your divorce. By completing this workbook, you’ll know: what you own (your assets); what you owe (your debt); how much money you need to live on today; and, how much you’ll need to save for the future.

Most importantly, you learn that yes! You can do this! And, you don’t have to do it alone. You simply have to begin.  Exactly where you are today.

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Cinder Savings Pack

Purchase both Cinder Without Her Fella & A Woman’s Financial Guide to Divorce for only $29.95.

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