Chocolate somehow always makes things better.

what’s this book about, anyway?

Cinder Without Her Fella
It’s a book that will really tell ya,
How to survive that d-i-v-o-r-c-e.
With practical advice, a sprinkle of humor, and heartfelt dignity.

A good idea that “to have and to hold,”
That “until death do us part”– all the way ‘til your old,
But sometimes the fairytale just doesn’t come true,
And your friend Cinder will guide you through.

From “When You World Falls Apart” in Chapter One,
To Chapter Nine when it’s all done,
This book will guide you like an awesome pal,
Back to your own happily-ever-after as a single gal.

Through finding friends that can help along the way,
To finding an attorney that you can afford to pay,
And who knew the paperwork would come in piles?
But Cinder will help you organize and put all that paper in files!

The financial piece is a huge part of the pie,
But Cinder helps to bring relief and a sigh,
You’re taking charge of your life before you know it,
And although change is hard you’re not willing to quit!

Maybe you need to find a job, and also find a new place,
Cinder proves it can be done with flair and with grace!
Getting through your divorce with someone in which you can confide,
This book will help you realize your new life . . . with Cinder at your side!

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