Forgiving yourself is about letting go of the desperate attempt to change the past.

Keeping Your Sense of Humor

When you first realize (dumpee) or decide (dumper) you are getting a divorce, humor probably isn’t the first thing that springs to your mind as a tool you’ll use to get through. But come on. Don’t we all have at least one hysterically, side-splittingly funny story about something we did or said or heard about on the road to divorce?  Or one of those stories that SO wasn’t funny at the time, but is hilarity on a platter in retrospect?

So we want to know YOUR story – will you share?  Pop over to our Facebook page and give us a quick recap.  Then, we’ll put our Cinder heads together and vote.

And what do you get out of this deal?  Well…Cinder, of course!  In addition to receiving a copy of Cinder Without Her Fella, we’ll also toss in the ever-so-helpful A Woman’s Financial Guide To Divorce along with Cinder.  We’ll announce the winner here, on Facebook and Twitter and let you know how to claim your loot!

Laughter really does make everything better and your story could help someone else realize they really aren’t the craziest person ever to get a divorce, and that really funny things do happen even when you are feeling lost and scared or mad and vindictive.

So rev up your computers and give us your best shot. We’ll be over here waiting on great giggles, chuckles and belly laughs. Love that!

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(Note: entries must be received by 7/15)

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