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Press Release: New Book on Divorce Provides Hope and Inspiration

Minneapolis, MN – February 15, 2010 –  Cinder Without Her Fella, A Lighthearted But Practical Guide to Divorce provides a simple, down to earth resource for women experiencing one of life’s most challenging transitions. Written as a quick read by authors Kathy Mock, Carin Thomas and Jeanne Mock, Cinder Without Her Fella is full of friendly, pragmatic and empowering advice. Practical action steps, space for journaling and fun quotes from “Cinder Says” round out this thoughtful yet amusing book that shows women it is possible to live happily ever after… after divorce.

“We wrote Cinder Without Her Fella to help all of our sisters across the country walk through their divorces in a way that was practical, but using the healing gift of humor. We firmly believe in the message that you really can create your own happily ever after.” said Kathy Mock. “My sister Kathy and I went through our divorces at different times,” said Jeanne Mock. “Kathy’s notes and advice helped me through my own divorce. I made her promise that she would gather together that wealth of inspiration and knowledge and that’s really how Cinder Without Her Fella was first conceived. “

Cinder Without Her Fella consists of nine chapters covering every aspect of divorce from initial acceptance to managing finances for the future. The book includes quotes and personal stories from the authors and other women about their own divorces, as well as practical action steps for each chapter topic. The advice in Cinder Without Her Fella is at times straightforward, at others humorous but always relevant for any women facing divorce. Throughout the book the authors maintain the fairy tale theme of a modern day Cinderella moving beyond divorce with the help of her ‘merry modmother’, friends and advisors.

“Divorce is traumatic, there’s no way around that fact,” said co-author Carin Thomas. “Women need to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and that the journey itself can be inspirational. We wrote Cinder Without Her Fella to help women look forward and to prepare them emotionally and financially for their new life.” Thomas has also written A Woman’s Financial Guide to Divorce as a companion book for Cinder Without Her Fella.

About the Authors
Jeanne Mock, Kathy Mock and Carin Thomas were inspired to write Cinder Without Her Fella to help other women walk through their divorce experience with grace, humor and practical advice. Businesswomen Jeanne and Kathy have each experienced divorce, while Carin is a well-known financial planning expert who has advised countless women on financial planning during divorce.

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